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    Covering it up using Asiasons / Liongold / blumont

    Platinum is “supposedly” a billion credit fund out new york, but has made investments in these three start up companies / public funds totally $590 million…. This does not even come close to adding up.

    Platinum made such investments in connection with Jett Capital, which they have also made numerous smaller investments over in Australia with really hairy structures and announcements.

    The common occurrence is all the companies and investments are tied together and often moving money between all parties and companies.

    Platinum “supposedly” invested $200+ million in asiasons and then months later sold their fledgling oil and gas company (Black Elk) to them at a hugely inflated value. We believe they did this to cover up massive losses at their fund. Prior to the sale Black Elk was months away from filing bankruptcy after a major well explosion in the gulf at one of their sites. Black elk has lawsuits totally multiple times their asset value yet this Singapore listed company paid a valuation over $400 million to buy it off Platinum right after Platinum made an investment in the Singapore company itself.

    We have proof they are trying to do it again with a bankrupt asset in Indiana (the landree mine).

    Platinum and these Singapore listed companies in the header are running a massive pump and dump game, which we believe is to cover up ponzi schemes at Platinum and the three listed companies.

    I don’t invest in the stock market and would prefer the news just get out to stop people from getting hurt and am not looking for any monetary profit myself. Just looking for this to be exposed to protect more people from getting hurt from these antics these guys are playing.

    There are multiple links in the public domain that describe what they are doing.
    Also Platinum operates out of 100′s of aliases in their investments to cover up their affiliation. Basically any money ever invested in these companies are wholly owned affiliates of platinum. They did this to try to cover up what they are doing, with hopes of the stock being pumped.

    1. Platinum never sold Black Elk Energy(BEE) to Asiasons for $400 million. Asiasons was suppose to purchase a 27.5% stake in the US oil and gas company for $171.65 million in 2013. That deal fell apart so you can’t have proof that transaction took place. Your views about platinum might be headed in the right direction but your information about BEE is totally wrong and basically a lie bc there is no way you can prove to me that transaction took place bc I happened to work there during the period of time you’re speaking about. Check your facts please bc nothing you said about BEE is correct.

      [@Former BEE employee – Thank you for sharing. Your comment is directed at poster AT, correct? – Editor]

  2. With all due respect my friend, do you really really think $XXII is a scam?? This company has changed the course of our family tree! http://www.xxiicentury.com.

    [@tomaselloadvantageteam – Yes I do. Repeat the mantra “Reverse Mergers Are Scams”. If the company was even close to being legit, it would not have backdoored into the public markets. If readers learn only one thing, it should be this…”Reverse Mergers Are Scams”. – Editor]

    1. Regarding reverse merger story what about if they didn’t need to raise money and dilute shareholders like UNIR? The did the reverse simply because there was no need for capital at this stage.

      [@Vic – Wrong. Reverse mergers are done by three and only three groups. Idiots. Crooks. And Dumb Crooks. Reverse-mergers are scams, of one type or another. Otherwise they would go public the normal way, not through the back door. Remember BuyersStrike! Maxim #1: If you never invest in reverse-mergers your odds of being conned go down considerably. – Editor]

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