A Few Words on Scamceutix – CTIX

If you haven’t been following the saga of sister companies Nanoviricides (NNVC), Cellceutix (CTIX) and Nanoantibiotics (NNAB) you have missed a fun few weeks. (Some background on Nanoviricides is here, read Duff McDonald‘s great piece in the New York Observer here and a fun blurb on NNAB at Barrons here).

Last week Mako Research published a devastating expose of Cellceutix on Seeking Alpha, read it here. Then, on Friday of last week the company issued a bizarre attempt at a rebuttal, aping the language of retail bagholders referring to Mako as a “Shorter”. Here is the full text of CTIX’s bizarre rant. Then on Monday of this week, the company issued yet more insane ramblings, here.

One of the many valid criticisms of CTIX is that the company historically claimed founder and President Krishna Menon received his PhD at Harvard. There are even signed financial statements submitted to the SEC containing such claims. Of course, to those who bothered to do simple background checks it was obvious this claim was a lie.

Scamceutix however, in Monday’s missive tries to explain it away as a mere “administrative error”. Says the company:

There was an administrative error stating that Dr. Menon earned his PhD from Harvard, when the fact is that Dr. Menon worked as a research scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This error was corrected years ago.

Then how does the company explain away the fact that sister scam, Nanoviricides, claims Menon, their Chief Regulatory Officer, also got his PhD from Harvard?


“Administrative” Error Or Pattern Of Fraud?

And although CTIX claims the supposed error was “corrected” that is another lie. The company has not issued amended filings to correct the “administrative error”.

Extra credit assignment: Read this piece revealing the many lies of CTIX founder and President, and NNVC Chief Regulatory Officer Krishna Menon, here.

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  1. that devestating expose as to CTIX’s antibiotics (namely Brilacidin) … refuted by Dr. Richard Scott of Fox Chase

    [@slcimmuno – Citing a former employee of bk reverse-merger scam Polymedix to defend reverse-merger scam Cellceutix is ridiculous. If Brilacidin had any value at all it would never have ended up with one reverse-merger turd, let alone TWO. Think about that for a moment. This compound is so worthless that the only company who bothered to license it to begin with was a reverse-merger piece of shit. Then after POS 1 goes BK the only company to bid for the asset out of bankruptcy (and the auction was extended several times to try and find another buyer) was another reverse merger scam. Wake up! – Dr. Scott has ZERO credibility. Quality assets do not end up with management teams stupid enough, or criminal enough (or both) to do shady reverse mergers. Period. -Editor]

    1. Guess I civily agree to disagree in a big way. FDA, the only arbiter that matters, has given Brilacidin ABSSSI the thumbs up for Ph III. And again, it compared favorably to Daptomycin but in a Single Dose. A clinical study should you care to read:

      And another:

      An investor in CTIX who, yes, believes in the science, let’s touch base in a year or two’s time and see who was right and who was wrong as to the value of the ABXs. Kevetrin, as a nongenotix p53/mdm2 inhibitor, is far from shabby either.

      Some more reading for you:

      Brilacidin Backstory

      Brilacidin Approval Odds

      Brilacidin Valuation

      Brilacidin: Resistance May Be — Is? — Futile

      The Possibilities

      PolyMedix.com Content

      Polymedix Supercomputing Backstory

      PolyCide Potential

      More on Polycide Potential

      [@Wkw – Wrong again. The FDA does not “approve” trials. They only approve drugs & devices. They do not give winks and nods, they do not give “thumbs ups”. Provided your IND was not rejected, you can run a trial for anything you want. The FDA does not work the way lots of retail and generalist investors believe it does. If the “science” behind Brilacidin was any good, it would never have ended up at Polymedix (a reverse merger stinker) to begin with, let alone ending up in the hands of another reverse merger turd, helmed by Menon & Ehrlich. Enjoy being conned. – Editor]

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