Vascular Biogenics and Schroedinger’s Trial Subjects – VBLT

Hard to believe it was only two weeks ago when the intrepid team at Neuralstem (CUR) issued a press release that showed they have mastered the ability to move back and forth along a linear timestream (catch up on that here). This week the crew at scandal plagued Vascular Biogenics (VBLT) has actually made that achievement look positively mundane.

VBLT has proven what quantum theory had long suggested, that quantum super-positioning exists. And perhaps VB-111 is the substance that can enable travel even Leary never thought possible.

Intrigued? Read on.

On March 25th VBLT issued a press release detailing results of their Phase 2 trial of anti-angiogenesis compound VB-111. Said the company:

These interim Phase 2 data include 46 patients with rGBM. VB-111 monotherapy was discontinued upon  progression in 22 patients who were then treated with bevacizumab [Better known as Avastin – Editor] alone. The remaining 24 patients, upon disease progression on VB-111 monotherapy,  could elect to receive further treatment with VB-111 in combination with bevacizumab. 23 have received combined therapy; one patient is still stable on VB-111 monotherapy at 424 days. VB-111 in combination with bevacizumab demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in overall survival, with median overall survival of 414 days, compared to 235 days in patients on VB-111 followed by bevacizumab alone (p=0.05).

Shady management teams and PR flacks depend on the stupidity of the general public. They assume that people will quickly forget statements made just months earlier. Luckily for you, dear readers, we at BuyersStrike! HQ don’t forget.

Four months ago, back on November 13, 2014, VBLT issued a different press release about the VB-111 Phase 2 study. The earlier press release states:

The interim Phase 2 data for VB-111 were presented for 46 patients with rGBM treated with VB-111; upon further progression, 23 of them were treated with VB-111 in combination with bevacizumab, and 23 received bevacizumab alone. VB-111 in combination with bevacizumab demonstrated a numerically improved median overall survival of 504 days, compared to 235 days in patients on VB-111 followed by bevacizumab alone.

In order to make an easier comparison between these two conflicting press releases about the same study, lets compile the figures into a table:

                     November       March
Total patients         46             46
VB-111 + Avastin       23             23
Avastin Mono           23             22
VB-111 Mono            n/a            1
MOS VB-111+Avastin     504            414
MOS Avastin            235            235
Survival Benefit       269            179

Somehow in the four months between the first press release and the second press release, one patient mysteriously moved from the Avastin monotherapy group into a group that didn’t even exist in November, VB-111 monotherapy.

Even with four more months and a smaller “n” in the Avastin only group, the median overall survival did not change. It remained at 235 days. Any first semester statistics student can recite the odds/evens rule to compute medians. It is extremely unlikely that the median of a set of 23 values would be exactly the same as the median of 22 values.

If that was not strange enough, with the four extra months, oddly enough, MOS in the VB-111 + Avastin group actually decreased from 504 days to 414 days. How could more patients die earlier in time as the passage of time increased?

The answer? Quantum theory.

Patients on the VBL-111 & Avastin combo therapy, like Schroedinger’s cat, exist simultaneously in two states. One in which Median Overall Survival (MOS) = 414 and another in which MOS = 504. One in which some died earlier, and one in which some died later. They are Schroedinger’s Trial Subjects. They exist in super-positioned states of life and death.

Meanwhile in the more metaphysically mundane Avastin-only group there is no super-positioning. Patients’ MOS = 235. The only member of the Avastin-only group to exhibit any quantum effects from the VB-111 is the one patient who was Avastin-only in November but magically became VB-111-only (an arm of the trial that did not even exist in November) when measured in March.

VBLT claims VB-111 is an anti-angiogenesis gene therapy, perhaps its real mechanism of action is through enhanced sensitivity to quantum phenomena. After all, management teams never lie, right?

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  1. What an excellent piece! As usual your tenacity in going after a story is a tremendous asset and pays off once again. Well done!

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