Does crime pay? (NCTW, SEFE, Kerrs, Quiels, etc…)

Ever wonder about the finances of penny stock pushers like Steve M. Kerr or Michael L. Quiel? Here’s your chance to satisfy that curiosity, thanks to the PSRs recently released in the USA v Kerr case.

First take a look at Steve Kerr’s, page 18 is pretty telling, looks like over 4mm in profits for 2007’s p&ds:


And then learn all about Quiel, who looks like he has a net worth of about $15mm:


They each made quite a pretty penny, cannot wait to see Humble Harold’s P&L!

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  1. So what kink of sentences did Kerr and Quiel get…I know Quiell is still enjoying himself this summer

    [They are still going through post trial motions, you can read more about those here. And of course, feel free to write to Judge Teilborg and let him know how you feel. Sr. Judge James A. Teilborg; U.S. Dist. Ct., Dist. of Arizona, Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse, 401 W. Washington St., Ste. 523, SPC 51 Phoenix, Arizona – Editor]

      1. Amazing how the fox piece portrays Quiel as some school boy saint . The man is as dirty as it gets in public markets. Look at his other deals , particularly SEFE and ECTY. Someon w real original material / information needs to speak up. I know a guy ) 3 hots and a cot! Karma baby , real time .

      2. how did (or have) Quiel and Kerr slipped by SEC charges? SEC kows Quiel’s ol’man was dirty and MQ learned his trade from him

  2. There is a series of videos made by shareholder if 4 million common WITD now ptoo that is exposing the pump and dump. Very good. Deparini is a scumbag puppet , quiehl the brain , nevdahl soldier and DiMartino will eventually be the patsy.

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