Don’t feel left out, Quiel family, we’re on to you, too. – SEFE, AZNT

Remember when we first looked at SEFE, back when it was called Midnight Candle (MDCL)? One might recall that the company was originally located at  79013 Bayside Court (see the house here) in the Bermuda Dunes section of Indio, CA. The sole officer, director, and 95.6% majority shareholder was Ms. Helen C. Carey.

As we saw when we looked at the Kerr family yesterday, SEFE aka MDCL was getting funding from Shannon Kerr‘s Eleventy-One entity. But just how did a shell nominally controlled by Helen C. Carey in Indio, CA get mixed up with Shannon and her father?

Perhaps the man to ask is septugenarian Robert Arnold Quiel. Much like his son, Kerr associate Michael Quiel*Robert has had his own problems with the law. Read about some of his troubles with the NASD and SEC here (Michael is also briefly mentioned), and take note of Robert’s address:

Rel. No. 39056 / September 11, 1997  
Admin. Proc. File No. 3-9196
In the Matter of the Application of 
ROBERT A. QUIEL 79013 Bayside Court Bermuda Dunes, California 92201
For Review of Disciplinary Action Taken by the

Robert Quiel is best known as part of another famous late 90s Las Vegas based scam, Amazon Natural Treasures (AZNT)**. Evidently, he and Helen Carey shared a house, one that just happened to be the original HQ of our dear friend SEFE.

One more loose end, how did the Kerrs and the Quiels come to use those shady brokers, Mark Nevdahl and Craig Goodman up in Spokane? Robert likely provides the answer to that as well, because his ex-wife, and Michael’s mother, Claire Quiel still lives up there.

One thing we can say, when it comes to the Kerrs and the Quiels, the apples are not falling far from the trees.

*Michael Quiel ran Biltmore Equities and Securities Ltd. (BESL) out of Arizona. Read a bit about that Biltmore’s involvement in the Texscan scandal from the early 90s in a piece by Floyd Norris, here. Michael even also has his own blog, available here and he Tweets as well!

**Do a search on AZNT Quiel and readers will find many excellent posts by researcher Janice Shell.

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