My favorite Yahooligan, Spillworthy (SBAY)

Over on Yahoo, the resident idiots are busy discussing amongst themselves precisely which level of awesome James T. Crane’s SBAY reaches, and just how much they are going to force the shorts to cover on 2/22 or 2/28 or whatever fanciful date their fevered brains can concoct.

Here’s a sampling from my favorite Yahooligan, a gentleman who goes by the handle Spillworthy. Based on his fantastic command of written English, one can safely guess he is not a native speaker, despite claiming to be from Seattle.

There is this gem, where he clearly expresses his dislike towards the theme being used over here at Buyersstrike!:

Re: Took a big bight. Added at close. Got a great price.
I like your cheap web site. Really classy. Your just another short who thinks he is brilliant, and will impress or scare the longs with you cheap looking web site. You think that cheap looking site will make you sound credible? What a joke. After this short squeeze, You will have to pawn your computer. I laugh at your garbage site. Cover your short, or lose big.

Scared yet? No? Ok, well this next one will surely strike fear into one’s heart.

Re: Took a big bight. Added at close. Got a great price.
Sorry for the spelling mistake. I was so excited about getting such a great deal on my new pile of chips. Now I own 3052 shares that I bought from the nice short sellers. I then will sell some shares back to the shorts at a much higher price. You shorts have 4 days next week to buy in, cause the new sec. rules kick in on 2/28/ 2011. You super tards will have to buy in all of the naked short shares that you sold on the market. And you tarded shorts say every stock in china is a fraud. I don’t trust any shorts opinion, cause the lies are just to try to scare the longs into selling. I put my money on the table. Lets see what price water house says. You shorts have really lost on this one. Shorts are going to make me alot of cashola. $$$$$$$$$$$

Yes, I see LOTS of cashola in Mr. Spill’s future. Clearly Mr. Spill plays lots of poker:

Re: Took a big bight. Added at close. Got a great price.
Onacruztothetoilet, why all the crap talk? Does all that matter if you have more shares than me? I am just letting the shorts know that I have put enough $$ out there to call them on all their lies.
This is poker and I have 4 aces. #1 The cloud. #2) Company has no debt. #3) Sbay is growing really fast. #4)(ACE OF SPADES) PRICE WATER HOUSE IS THIER AUDITOR. No matter what, financial regulations on 2/28/2011 will slam the door on the shorts. They will have to buy in on all their stocks that they naked shorted. Sbay is going up.

Love this one, where Mr. Spill discusses the impending disaster for short sellers.

Re: DTCC is ready to clear 2/28, software system is ready
Buyerstrike, I want to feel sorry for you because you are clueless to the 2/28 sec financial regulation. Google it, before you open your toothless mouth. You should take a hard look at the regulation, or you financial state will change for the worse. And if you choose not to read it, then you are stupid. Buy in shorty, or pay dearly.

The Spillmeister is actually referring to this, a rather arcane, but completely uncontroversial rule change proposed by the NSCC (not the SEC) without a single word of protest from anyone during the comment period.

This rule change merely modifies an existing service, RECAPS, that the DTC offers to member firms. Nothing more. But the evil-naked-short-seller conspiracy cult is selling the story that this service will somehow create massive short squeezes in their favorite junk stocks, like SBAY. What happens when the disaster never comes? Heaven’s Gate?

Sadly for the cult members, the service itself is not even expected to be fully functional until June, 2011.

The service, an offering of DTCC’s clearing agency subsidiary, National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), is expected to be fully functional by June 2011

Furthermore, this only has an impact on broker-to-broker transactions.

Sorry nutters, your magic short squeezes will have to wait a little while longer.

The content contained in this blog represents only the opinions of the author. The author may hold either long or short positions in securities of various companies discussed in the blog. This commentary in no way constitutes investment advice, and should never be relied on in making an investment decision, ever. This blog is not a solicitation of business: all inquiries will be ignored. The content herein is intended solely for the entertainment of the reader, and the author.


  1. I like your site a lot so far (though, hey, white on black is hard to read!) but there’s really nothing to be gained by taking on Yahoo people. You do a great job and you shouldn’t let any of these guys occupy your brain-space. They aren’t worth the time.

  2. @jimmy james

    Thanks for reading. You make two good points. The retro white on black has a certain aesthetic appeal so I think I am going to stick with it a little while longer.

    As for the Yahoo denizens, you’re right. You can lead a Yahooligan to knowledge but you can’t make one think.

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